Night Nurse- Hybrid 23.78% THC 1.12% CBD

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This is 100% Sativa Romulan x Shiskaberry x Pez

Night Nurse by PCAM, BG0010001FD4C
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“Night Nurse. Only you alone can quench this here thirst…” Continuing in the tradition of our top notch house strains available nowhere else and named after Reggae Classics is our new house Sativa from “Red Dirt Ridge Genetics”. It smells, looks and tastes like heaven. Available nowhere else and to patients of Lost Sierra only. Potent, super trichey, great colours, sure to be a classic. This strain is great for daytime medicating, keeping you alert yet stimulated. It’s all about East Side Pride….

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2 reviews for Night Nurse- Hybrid 23.78% THC 1.12% CBD

  1. Hezekiah Cole (verified owner)

    Again and again Lost Sierra cannabis has managed to take my 30+ years of staying away from Sativa and show me that when grown properly sativa can be a wonderful thing. These buds have an amazing color and smell that you will enjoy.

  2. Brandon

    One of my favorite strains.great smell,taste and high

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